Even though Ibiza enjoys a warm and sunny climate, the island remains remarkably green all through the year, and this is mainly thanks to the dense Pine-covered hills. But in addition to the Pine forests, Almond, Olive and Fig trees all add to the wonderfully green aura that surrounds Ibiza.

From July until September, Bougainvillea, Oleander and Hibiscus bushes adorn the island with startling splashes of purple, pink and red. The constant presence of Palm trees, Cacti and Agaves (from which Aloe Vera is produced) ensure a tropical atmosphere all year long.

Absolute highlight of every newborn year is the flowering period of the Almond trees. For many the most magical time of year, signifying the rebirth, and the coming of spring. Normally between the beginning of January and the middle of February. You can see almond trees all around the island, but the best place to admire this natural wonder is in the valley of Santa Ines, which is swathed in a blanket of fluffy white.

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