Cliff diving, rock climbing and hiking are very popular in Ibiza, due to the  amazing bays surrounded by stone formations that come in many different  ways. High, brown, red or sturdy but always unpredictable and exciting, , they make an dramatic and beautiful symphony with the sparkling azure  of the Mediterranean Sea. As many of us know, Ibiza has a reputation for being an island of mysteries and without a doubt, the greatest one of all is the beautiful and majestic Es Vedra. Standing at almost 400 metres high, this uninhabited rock island made of limestone is situated 2km off the west coast of Ibiza, in the Cala d’Hort area. Shrouded in myths and legend, Es Vedra is said to be the third most magnetic spot on the planet (after the north pole and Bermuda Triangle).  True or not true, for sure Es Vedra will give you something special for your outdoor shooting.

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